About Us

We are a publishing cooperative that you might miss because we are tiny. We are interested in stories that you might not hear because of all the noise.

Eboné Mouton

Eboné's writing career started in elementary school (yes, she's American) with largely fictional musings about her family, resulting in some humorous conversations with teachers. Fast forward a few decades, she's learned to just stop letting them read her work.

She currently splits her time between Colorado with the aforementioned family and Brighton with the seagulls.

Twitter: @Ebee1Cherie

James Campbell

James Campbell is a writer and comedian. When not working with Rustle he visits schools and performs at festivals, making children's lives a little bit brighter.

James lives off grid in rural Essex and tries to live in a sustainable way.


Twitter: @ComedyCampbell

Rebecca Leek

Rebecca is a teacher, writer, speaker and start-up kind of person. She has been a headteacher and a CEO, but has also founded a cafe/art gallery and is a partner in a couple of eco-businesses. She is a permaculturist and a Quaker, and she likes to cause a quiet stir.

She has three daughters and no pets.


Twitter: @RebeccaLeek_

Talya Baldwin

Talya's an illustrator from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. She's interested in small or untold stories about people who might otherwise be a bit invisible, and in the overlooked things that don’t normally make it into picture books.

She's also a lecturer and a researcher, and when not doing that she likes looking for treasure on beaches and digging up old glass bottles on Victorian rubbish tips. Talya also loves boats and sailing, but she's not very good at it because it makes her sick.

Instagram: Talya Baldwin Illustration

Dawn Muspratt

Dawn has come to the children’s book publishing world through her experience in social enterprise, cooperative and inclusion. Not being a writer, illustrator or teacher, Dawn brings a layperson's take to children’s books and relies on the critical reviews from her brood of grandchildren, all under 6 years!

Dawn’s wider experience includes working in diversity, inclusion and equity, poverty premium and renewable energy.

Twitter: @DawnMuspratt